21 - Feb - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Visit to the special exhibition "Walking on the Mountain"

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We visited the current special exhibition "Walking on the Mountain" at the Lechmuseum Huber-Hus. A multifaceted exhibition sends the spectator on a fascinating journey into the history of mountain climbing and hiking. The visitor gets valuable insights into the development of the network of paths in the alpine landscape and the unbroken fascination of walking.

Our visit to the museum begins with a warm welcome from the two curators, who take us on a journey through the history of the Huber Buam and the "Walking on the Mountain" in the Lecher alpine landscape. The three Huber Buam spent their lives in this farmhouse and agreed with the community, that the house should be used as a museum after their death. Since 2005, the Huber-Hus has repeatedly served as a venue for theme-specific exhibitions.

We start our tour in the 400 year old farmhouse, how else can it be different, in the original living room. The spacious and rustic room gives us a glimpse of how the brothers once sat together after work and ended their day-to-day work with a wonderful view over the impressive mountain landscape. Nowadays, this rustic parlour offers beautiful views of the Lecher mountains.

We continue into the heart of every house, the original kitchen. The first thing that catches our eye is the striking stone floor. This original flooring can be traced back to the 15th century. Exactly here we realize for the first time, how different the soil we walk on can be. The kitchen and its two reconstructed fireplaces give us an insight into how cooking and living was done in the past. We walk on to the original cooper workshop, where typical tools of the time are shown and explained to us.

Our tour continues to move on to the first floor via an original wooden staircase. The questions of "what fascinates us about hiking" and "what makes this fascination so special" come to the fore. Historical maps and original ski-alpine accessories from yesteryear, such as blasting equipment or an avalanche rescue line, let us guess how adventurous and dangerous alpine tours used to be. Historical cartographies and a carefully created relief of the Alpine landscape around Lech illustrate, how it must have been, to walk through the Alpine landscape.

We delve deeper and deeper into the history of hiking and the importance it had for the people of that time. It is a collection of many historical photos, pictorial material, interviews with contemporary witnesses and many painstaking details, that make this exhibition a unique experience for us. The experienced curators tell us that anti-Semitism was noticeable in World War II, even down to the mountain huts.

Our tour of the exhibition ends where it started, in the living room. With a drink and regional delicacies we end an eventful walk through the Huber-Hus, the life of the Huber Buam and the question of the fascination of walking and hiking.

Details & Information

The special exhibition "Walking on the Mountain" is open to visitors every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until 22 April 2018.

We would like to thank you for an eventful guided tour and warm hospitality.

Further information on guided tours for families and groups can be found in the Lechmuseum.

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