16 - Jan - 2018
from Katrin Stark

Generation X Tour - On a mission

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At the first part of the free BMW Generation X Tour - On a Mission, which took place from 27.12. - 07.01.2018, my colleague and I did not miss the chance to participate. The registration at the BMW Counter at Rüfiplatz was quite uncomplicated and so we started with full anticipation to our very personal mission. We were welcomed with a cup of coffee before the team gave us information about the program.

Off to Oberlech

Then we went outside. Each of us was given one of the new BMW X3 models. After a short individual introduction, we drove off. The program started with a mission drive from Zug to Oberlech and back again. By radio we were given instructions and tips on all the BMW's functions. Due to the quite wintry conditions, the features such as all-wheel drive and Driving Assistant Plus could be tested perfectly. The snow runway was neither uphill nor downhill a problem.

Test Parcours in Zug

After the 50-minute drive we went to the challenging course, which is set up in Zug. A great deal of trust and a sure instinct on the part of the driver was required. At the end of the two-hour mission there was another highlight: Here we were given a sneak preview of the first BMW X2. By total secrecy, of course. Because before entering the room, in which the car was still covered at first, all mobile phones and cameras had to be handed in. On our very personal mission we had a lot of fun, paired with action and would have liked to drive directly into our garages with the cars.

TIP: The second part of the BMW Generation X Tour - On a Mission will take place from February 3 - 18, 2018. Here you can test drive the cars and test them yourself.

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