18 - Dec - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

The Akia as a postman

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In the summer of 2017, Lech celebrated the opening of the doors at the Green Ring. This is a very special art project under the direction of Daniel Nikolaus Kocher, who was able to win over artists from different countries and cultures for this installation.

More information about the project can be found here:

Doors on the Green Ring

Doors in Winter Time

As wonderful as the doors were to look at in summer along the Green Ring Route, they have to be returned to the valley at some point. After all, they are to be exhibited with the door sponsors until spring. In the summer of 2018 they will be brought back to the mountain to give hikers the opportunity to admire the doors during the hike on the Green Ring. So it was planned to take the doors off the mountain after the summer season and to ceremonially hand them over to the door sponsor. But sometimes it happens differently than you might think....

The early winter made it impossible to get the doors off the mountain in time. Again and again it was thought that the early snow might disappear again and thus a "rescue" becomes possible...

The Idea

... But far from it. The layer of snow became thicker and thicker, which covered the doors that were now lying. While some had already made their first ski tours towards Madloch and the Pazieltal, the doors on the mountain were waiting for their rescue. After all. the start of the season was approaching and a quick solution had to be found. Project manager Daniel Nikolaus Kocher finally had the idea to take them with the Akia towards the valley.


Nothing easier than that, unbuckle the door and you're done...

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy, at first it was necessary to free the doors from the thick layer of snow that kept them firmly under control. Thanks to the active support of the Bauhof Lech, it was nevertheless possible to retrieve the doors and transport them safely towards the valley. The skiers were probably amazed when suddenly a door next to them was taken down the mountain. Certainly not an everyday experience. At the end of this action, Germana Nagler and Daniel Nikolaus Kocher were able to hand over the doors to the door sponsors, where they can be visited until next spring.

A big thank you to the Günter Schneider and Daniel Nikolaus Kocher, who made it possible to transport them off in hard work.

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