19 - Dec - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

A winter start de Luxe

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A winter can and should start this way! It snows and keeps snowing. Best conditions to have a lot of fun in deep powder snow on the second Advent weekend. We don't have to start early for this, there is not so much activity this weekend. So we meet at 11:00 am at the Rüfiplatz and set off for Zürs. Arrived at the top we make the beep check and then start. The view is a bit cloudy, but again and again the sun breaks through the cloud cover and envelops the mountains around Zürs in mystical light. The Hexenboden Lift is our starting point for sensational downhill runs in deep powder snow this morning. With every turn we wrap ourselves in a blanket of snow, which takes our sight away for a short moment before we start the next turn. There can't be anything more beautiful than that and time and time and again we exclaim a cry of joy in these circumstances. We're lined up track by track, so that the next groups have enough room for this incomparable feeling of making their own tracks in deep powder snow. From the lift we observe the other deep-snow skiers and recognize in their faces the same expression of joy that could be seen on our lips a few moments before.


Later, we set off for the Zürser Seekopfbahn and then head towards Wiesele. Here again we enjoy the turns, this time with this incomparably beautiful view down to Lech. The bus takes us back to Zürs and we go up to the Madloch. An ice-cold wind makes us long for a fast descent, which is why we head for the valley. Arrived in Lech our faces glow with happiness again. These moments in deep snow are unforgettable and with the unbuckling of the skis we are looking forward to the next adventure in deep snow.

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