06 - Feb - 2016

Four-wheel fun away from the ski slopes.

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Lech Offroad Experience – 27 December to 05 March 2017.

The winter sports highlight on four wheels with heart-pounding moments guaranteed. Whether as a passenger or driving yourself, experience the off-roaders from Mercedes-Benz in their natural habitat. Feeling safe will be an adventure in itself as you drive around the off-road course surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Arrange a free test drive in the off-road model of your choice. Simply visit to the Mercedes-Benz Pavilion in front of Hotel Arlberg from 27 December 2016 onwards, or call the hotline. The pavilion also serves as the meeting point for your transfer to the off-road course. Hotline +43 (0)681 2066 1249

Closed on New Year’s Day.

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