07 - Feb - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Cross-country skiing in the Zugertal

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Just now the sun comes out again and announces the good weather for the next days to come. But even with little sunshine, my tour on cross-country skis to the Zugertal valley was an absolute pleasure.

Due to the cold temperatures after the last snowfall, the cross-country ski trail is very fast and it is always fun to run towards Älpele and Formarinsee. Just behind the pedestrian bridge at the Filomena I start the trail and go from Lech to Zug. Continuing along the river, you pass by the forest swimming pool before you reach Zug after about 3 kilometres. The pulse has calmed down in the meantime and so I continue towards Zugertal. Through the cropped terrain I change again and again in the skiing technique. With every climb the pulse goes up... but with this breathtakingly beautiful nature every effort becomes a pleasure.
Many others have also gone to the Zugertal valley to enjoy the peace and quiet and nature. Whether winter hikers, cross-country skiers or families with sledges... All can enjoy the trails and tracks.

The forest becomes lighter and the Älpele becomes visible. Just behind the Älpele, the round to the Spullerwald ends after 7 kilometres and you can either continue skating towards Tannläger or ski back the same way. But I decide for the third option and take the variant on the other side of the Lech river. I am happy to accept the extra altitude difference. On the 2-kilometre-long variant I enjoy the view over to the Älpele after the steep final climb before I go steeply back to the Lech and return to the cross-country ski trail in the Zugertal.

Back to Lech you can clearly feel that you are now skating downstream and can enjoy the pace. Especially now, when the legs are slowly getting tired, it's good that it feels like it's going downhill all the time. Arriving at the end of the cross-country ski run in Lech, I swing away tired but overjoyed and am already looking forward to the other cross-country ski runs in Lech and Zürs, which are still to be run.

But before that I really earned a decent snack in one of the numerous restaurants and cafés.

All information about the open cross-country ski runs and winter hiking trails can be found here:


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