03 - Apr - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

What a winter

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What a season! At the end of the season, winter / spring shows its best side and gives us real dream days like in a picture book. So we took advantage of Easter Monday and decided to go with touring skis up to the Mehlsack. A decision that was rewarded with one of the most beautiful downhill runs of the entire season. Hopefully there will be many more days before the end of the season, with these conditions spring can still wait a bit...

Already at dawn it becomes clear that this day will be beautiful. The first rays of the sun bathe the summit of the Omeshorn in a warm light. Shortly afterwards the sunlight reaches the top of the Mehlsack and marks it for us like a brightly shining arrow.

"This is our destination."

At 8:30 on the dot we ride up the Rüfikopf cable car and test the conditions in deep snow down to Zürs. So early in the morning a real pleasure. From Zürs it goes over the Madloch in the direction of the Stierlochjoch. Here we put the skins on our skis and follow the tracks of the people in front of us over the extensive ascent in the direction of Spuller Schafberg. The spring sun already has a lot of power and it gets really warm. After a short break in the shadow of the Spuller Schafberg we reach the peak ascent. 30 minutes later we reach the summit and enjoy the panorama and the mountain world that spreads around us.

Summits are real magnets and sources of inspiration

Despite the gusty wind we stay at the summit for a few moments and enjoy the moment. More than 1000 height meters of descent down into the Zugertal are now ahead of us. So we quickly prepare ourselves and then fully enjoy every swing down towards the valley. Nothing gets any easier with this fantastic powder snow. The downhill fun is over on the cross-country ski run. The broad grin on our faces reveals that this ski tour was undoubtedly worth it. Again and again we look up to our tracks, which we were allowed to draw in the untouched deep snow. A real gift...

We skate over the cross-country track to Zug and end the day on the sun terraces. But somehow the grin doesn't want to leave our faces :-)

If you want it a bit more comfortable, you can also fly by helicopter to the Mehlsack:


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