04 - Oct - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Summer Highlights

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The days become noticeably shorter and cooler at the beginning of October. And yet the weather shows its best side once again and sweetens the days until the official end of the Lech mountain summer. At its beginning I went to the Omeshorn at sunset to write down my wishes for the upcoming summer. At the end I went to the summit of the Mohnenfluh in sunrise, of course, to think about the summer once more. Because there were really quite enough highlights...

To start the summer season...

...it started really loud, because with the Arlberg Classic Car Rally many fans and drivers of classic cars came again to Lech to make the most beautiful trips on several days. For me there is always a special atmosphere in the whole town at this time, because this rally has a unique character. You also get this feedback from the international participants who will be able to participate in the 10th Arlberg Classic Car Rally next summer. I'm already curious to see what surprises the organisation team will come up with for this anniversary... It will certainly be a highlight next year. Also the Medicinicum offered again a program of the extra class and could convince the listeners with powerful speeches. The topic was Genuss - Sucht - Gesundheit.

I too sometimes ask myself this question: when can pleasure become addiction and how can we harm our health or even promote our health with positive "addictions"? I often think that this limit is rather a threshold and that it is not easy to find a dividing line. Because what is already an addiction for one person can be an expression of intimate pleasure for another person, for example when it comes to sport or other positive "addictions". But if we harm our body through these actions, we need to question whether we are not trapped in a system of addiction. Listening to the speakers and constantly questioning one's own actions was an absolute highlight for me this summer.

Omeshorn Abend

5:00 a.m., full moon night. On this special morning we don't need any headlamps, the full moon shines so bright that we can see the way with our naked eyes. From Oberlech we are constantly going uphill in the direction of Mohnenfluh. A magical morning begins...

Heat Wave

July and August were marked by heat. Also in Lech comparatively high temperatures prevailed, nevertheless it could be endured by the altitude, the proximity to the mountain river and the steady mountain wind very well. In contrast, some neighbouring regions were severely affected by this heat and had to lead their cows very early from the mountain pastures into the valley due to water shortages. This is particularly alarming in view of the coming decades, when such phenomena could accumulate. But back to the positive: Due to the stable high weather situation our guests could undertake many beautiful hikes, be outside with the family, or simply enjoy the weather while relaxing. I was also drawn outside again and again, and I was able to climb some summits that I had never been allowed to stand on before this summer. Above all, the summit of Biberkopf certainly remains in my memory for a long time, as one has a wonderful view from this mountain towards Lech, but also towards Bregenzerwald and Lake Constance.

Omeshorn Abend

6:30 The summit is reached before the first rays of the sun ring in the day. Wafts of fog are moving around and it is still freezing cold. The view wanders to Zürs and Valluga, which is already clearly visible. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful morning.

Sporty Highlights

There was also something for athletes this summer. More than 200 runners took part in the Lecher Höhenhalbmarathon and Tannberglauf this year. The triathletes of the TransVorarlberg Triathlon drove / ran through Lech and the golfers got their money's worth at the Best of the Alps Golf Tournament. The demanding and uniquely scenic golf course in Zug will certainly be remembered by the participants for a long time to come. And so I am happy that there will be a lot going on next summer. We can't tell you too much yet, but Trailrunner & Bergläufer can already look forward to a new highlight in the Lecher Bergsommer. StayTuned! 

Omeshorn Abend

7:15 a.m.: The first rays of sunlight illuminate the mountains and immerse the landscape in intense light. Immediately we feel the warmth of the sun and breathe in deeply to fully savour the moment. The thoughts are clear & focused, like the light of the sun, which rises further and further and will soon immerse all of Lech in warm light.

Culture - feeling diversity

The Lech mountain summer has always been a cultural highlight for many guests. So many internationally renowned events we can welcome in Lech. Artists from all over the world find their way to the Arlberg at the Lech Classic Festival and the Jazzbühne Lech zum Arlberg to perform their works in front of an impressive mountain backdrop. This combination of mountain world and culture is beautiful and fascinating again and again. But also musicians from the immediate surroundings come to the Lecher Musikantentag in order to entertain the audience in different restaurants.
A special highlight this summer was of course the opening of the Skyspace Lech, which can now be visited daily. I was already allowed to spend some minutes in the Skyspace and found it fascinating how our view changes through the open dome. Is the sky condensing, or even the size of the dome? Is the blue of the sky reflected in the dome ceiling and merges into a wide sky tent that stretches over us? Already after a few minutes in Skyspace it was clear to me that a special space had been created here, where the artist James Turrell blurs borders & opens up dimensions.

Omeshorn Abend

The gaze wanders around. Especially in the morning the view & the thoughts are clear. A relief to have a place in this landscape and to be allowed to stand here...

But also the village has changed this summer. This change is probably most evident in the new church tower bulb, which now shines brightly above the village and is also clearly visible from the surrounding mountains. A lot has also happened in other areas: new houses are being built, some houses have been renovated & the Bauhof team has also always been busy renovating paths, renewing bridges and beautifying the townscape.
Also next year we can look forward to a varied cultural program, which will be extended by some highlights like the Laurentius Night. Summer remains colourful, varied and full of opportunities for sportsmen, hikers, culture lovers and families. Have fun discovering!

Omeshorn Abend

It is slowly becoming autumnal and nature is changing its colours. I am thankful that this summer was accident-free and for the many beautiful moments and encounters. I hope that you will remember this summer for a long time and that you were able to spend many beautiful hours in this beautiful place. Now the anticipation of the new winter season, which begins on 30 November, is increasing every day.

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