23 - Nov - 2017
from Hannes Heigenhauser

The best way to the office in Austria

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Get up early in the morning to set off for work on a cold November morning. That sounds like an annoying evil to many people...

However, if the way to work leads via the winter hiking trails from Stubenbach to Lech, it is something different. Get out of the apartment early in the morning and walk a few steps, you have already arrived in the winter wonderland of Lech Zürs. The snow crunches under my footsteps, in the forest you can hear no other noise except the soft splashing of the Walkerbach. The sun dips the tops of the Karhorn, the Mohnenfluh and the Mehlsack into warm light, while it is still shady in the valley. You wish you were already on the mountain to draw your first turns with skis in the untouched powder snow.

I deliberately stopped again and again to save these special places and moments. Have fun clicking through the picture gallery "My daily way to work".

All information about the winter hiking trails can be found here:


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