13 - Sep - 2018
from Hannes Heigenhauser

Pleasure & conversation in the wine tent

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At the beginning of September, Hotel Stäfeli hosted a very special winetasting event. In the large wine tent in Zug, winegrowers and producers of exclusive products were able to talk about various aspects of viticulture and production in a family atmosphere and to taste the products together. 

Our wine cult in the wine tent

In the centre of Zug, in the large wine tent in front of the Hotel Stäfeli, we were warmly welcomed by the hosts. Despite the changeable weather, the tent filled up right at the beginning and should remain full until the evening. The familiar atmosphere and the interesting conversations with winegrowers and other producers contributed significantly to the success of this event.

Right at the entrance one received a booklet with details to the individual winegrowers in which one could make oneself detailed notes. The special this year was the motto "The one who dances from the row". Thus each winegrower could select a wine from his collection, which in his opinion is something special in his selection. Red wine was offered to us for tasting by winegrowers who otherwise only produce white wine, or very intense Pinot Gris with a strong aroma.

Altogether more than 15 winegrowers presented their products and gave detailed information about cultivation, production, maturation and bottling processes of their wines. Thus one could easily forget time and immerse oneself in a world of pleasure and aromas.

Between the wine tastings one could also try other products in detail. From the exclusive and aromatic coffee of the Dinzler roasting house, which served a perfect cappuccino or espresso in an experienced execution, to fine brandies, liqueurs & dried fruits from Schobel... No taste buds remained untouched this afternoon. Also the Ländle Heumilchkäse, which offers extremely delicious cheese in different ripening stages to taste, should not be forgotten at this point.

An afternoon full of delights, full of interesting conversations with winegrowers and producers who produce their products with the utmost care and attention to detail and an afternoon in the beautiful Zug train with a view of the Zug valley. This is the way to enjoy the Arlberg - More Time, More Space.

by Hannes Heigenhauser

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